While the world is busy in Ice Bucket Challenge: Here is some good news

Multiple scientific journals are publishing exciting new investigations, which can relieve millions of patients suffering with devastating diseases, such as ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In one of its recent publications, the Journal JAMA Neurology reportedly confirmed a potential of stem cells in offering successful and valid treatment against deadly neurodegenerative disease. The news has ignited spark of hope in many patients, who have been suffering with progressive, debilitating disorders.

To discuss it more, people may relate severity of the disease with popular ice bucket challenge series that was been conducted couple of years ago. Thus, it is quite exciting to know that ALS research is being upgraded at a faster speed since last year or two; and lot of it has been accomplished through better understanding of underlying disease mechanism and through development of its potential cure with the help of stem cells treatment for ALS. In this regard, some of the major highlights that are ‘must know’ by everyone have been listed herewith:

Ice Bucket Challenge

Very recently, ice bucket challenge has been launched by ALS association through encouragement of individuals to dump themselves in an icy cold water; in order to raise awareness and funds for allowing more and more investigations, leading to its definitive cure. The campaign had received tremendous applause and popularity; considering which, the association has again relaunched the challenge to acquire additional funding.

ALS Genetic Mapping

Many biotech giants have recently started ALS gene mapping through technological upgradation; with the belief that the responsible gene may assist in exploring better ways to understand the intrinsic mechanism and secrets to stop the cause of concern.

Targeted cure for ALS

One of the well-known research institutes has discovered a therapeutic target for ALS, through identification of coding protein, named as hUPF1 that is responsible for protecting brain cells or neurons from debilitating effects of ALS. The research has further indicated that through linking this natural monitoring system to the disease pathogenesis; it would be easy to optimize therapeutic strategies to offer cure against neurodegenerative disorders, like dementia, ALS, etc.

Stem cells treatment for ALS

Loads of statistically significant data has been collected through worldwide clinical investigations and case studies; confirming the potential of stem cells to offer regenerative and natural cure to the disease.

Stem cells have been identified as the body’s natural super powers, with the ability to differentiate into cells of multiple profiles, upon channelizing through proper signalling pathways. These stem cells can be retrieved through body’s own organs, which are either not using these cells or have enough of stock to be used, in cases of crisis. These sources can be bone marrow, adipose tissues, etc. Through modern technology, it is possible to isolate these mighty cells outside the body, processed in the laboratory for further enrichment and can be re-infused back in the body; to allow targeted differentiation of lost neuronal cells and muscle cells. This regeneration can in turn help in functional restoration of organ.

Thus, studies have further indicated that applications of stem cell treatment on neurodegenerative ailments, such as ALS; can have profound impact on the treatment efficacy.