Data Cleaning

Although different types of data will require different types of cleaning,We at Quantum DB IT Solutions we clean data by taking every step very carefully.


Steps We Take When Doing a Data Cleaning

Due to the digitization of organizations and the increase in applications and tools used in business processes, data volumes keep growing exponentially. This results in unnecessarily high storage costs.

Content is flexible: it has its own lifecycle. Part of that lifecycle is to delete files once they are no longer needed.  The less you have, the easier it is to find what you are looking for.

On average, 66% of unstructured data is redundant, trivial or obsolete.

Why not cut storage, backup and maintenance costs in half?

Index the data source

Define generic retention period

Customize ROT rules

Apply ROT rules

Create list of ROT data to be cleaned

Set ROT data apart

Delete ROT data

Automate ROT cleaning processes


Data Cleansing Services

We rectify all irregularities in data, updating old and obsolete data, performing referential integrity checks, organizing mailing lists, ensuring consistent attribute names and create homogenous pools of data to provide our clients with more effective data.


What People Are Saying

I hired qdb it solution to do some very important market research for me, and they over delivered in terms of deliverable, professionalism and value. I recommend.

Qdb it solution applied a self-started approach to problem solving which helped resolve issues right at the beginning. Working remotely can create quite a few challenges but the output of completed projects exceeded significantly….

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