Diabetes Treatment using Stem Cell Therapy

Millions of people live with diabetes around the world and the number is going up every day. Diabetes Treatment or rather management of diabetes involves proper exercise, diet, drugs, and even insulin shots on a regular basis. These help in controlling diabetes, but the complications arising out of diabetes are more dangerous than the condition itself.

Most of the existing Diabetes Treatment options target managing complications such as loss of vision, nerve damage, kidney failure, cardiac disorders, and other serious health problems. A complete cure for this disease is hidden in the root cause of diabetes, and researchers all over are trying to unearth this mystery. With the help of stem cells, researchers are now trying to explore the complicated processes in which the human body process sugar.

New investigations in Stem Cell Therapy use animal models for understanding the reason behind diabetes and finding ways for effective Diabetes Treatment. In some cases, skin cells derived from a diabetic person are reprogrammed to become induced pluripotent cells, which have the ability to turn in different kinds of cells including the beta cells and the cells, which attack and obliterate beta cells. Several clinical trials are underway to track the beginning of the disease from the very first stage when a patient picks up the disease.

With a proper understanding of the disease, scientists will be able to diagnose the disease at a very early stage and might prevent the condition from worsening, and can use Stem Cell Therapy for effective Diabetes Treatment.

At present, researchers are digging ways for reinstating the working beta cells and protecting them from further harm. This kind of stem cell treatment starts with generating or regenerating cells, which can sense blood glucose and helps in producing insulin so that the lost beta cells can be replaced when diabetes, both type 1 and 2 progresses.

Some of the main approaches of Stem Cell Therapy that doctors and scientists use for Diabetes Treatment include:

  • Using embryonic cells to create beta cells or induced pluripotent cells, as these cells can be cultured in lab conditions and can be directed to become any type of cell in human body. This kind of Stem Cell Therapy has shown a promising future and advanced technology has made it possible to explore this kind of approach for Diabetes Treatment.
  • Encouraging beta cells to multiply in numbers with the use of drugs that can boost the self renewal power of the cells at an early stage of the condition. This kind of approach is used mainly for people affected with type-2 diabetes.

Even for diabetes type-1, several experiments are ongoing to restrain the attack of the immune system on beta cells and positive results in these experiments assure of good results in time to come.